since 1988

The partner for smoking culture since 1988.

Merlin Pipes are manufactured in a small innovative bong forge in the Eifel region since 1988. Only high-quality materials from the industry are used to create these 100% handmade products in Germany.
For that we use a wide range of high quality materials lasting from high-vacuum cuts to Schott Duran glass.

So if we talk about 5 mm thickness we really mean 5 mm at the wall and not just the mouthpiece.

No shapes are used in the creation process which makes each Melin a unique one.

Merlin-Bongs are not cleaned with fluoric acid but with our very own special developed technique.

Merlin didn't invent the bong but today we can be proud to call us pioneers in fields of innovations like the Anti Roll, Inside Kick, 10 Hole Diffusor Chillum or Bistabilitšt.

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Photos and videos of some of our handmade devices you can find on the following pages.

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